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Job markets in the US and Canada underperform, economists suspect structural changes in the labor force

New total nonfarm payroll employment went up by 266,000 for the month of April. Unemployment in the US stands at 6.1%. Notable...

Canadian firms have a positive outlook, China hits record quarter growth and US retail takes advantage of global growth

Results from the Canadian Business Outlook Survey for Spring 2021 point towards expectations of improvement. Business confidence across all regions has strengthened....

S&P500 record high before job reports, OPEC will boost production in the short term

The S&P500 index reached 4,000$ the first time in its’ history right before the holidays. The composite index managed this by inching...

Stocks on track to close higher by the end of the week, blockage sends oil prices up

Real gross domestic product (GDP) in the US increased at an annual rate of 4.3 percent in the fourth quarter of 2020,...