Demand for exports and the currency demand are directly proportionate to each other as whenever any interested foreigner intends to import from another country, they will then have to buy the domestic currency to acquire the specific goods and be paying off that Nation's export in that regard. Export demand also significantly impacts the production and the prices of that specific manufacturer.

The previous figures were -12.7B and the forecasted data is -11.9B. However the actual amount is still awaited as the report will tell once it is announced.

Another indicator for the currency is the survey report forwarded by the office of National Statistics(UK) which shows what amount has been spent by the builders on construction projects. This has similar effects as described above and the report is published after every month.

Bank of England (BoE) also releases quarterly reports, indicating Consumer Inflation Expectations. This report measures the percentage, which consumers expect the prices of the goods and services to change over the next time period. These expectations can manifest into real inflation, so traders should take note of this report as well.

All these three reports have significant impact over the demand and supply of the GBP, so those looking to trade the quid should not ignore the importance of these news.