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Market with solid gains in Q1, BTC surges forward

More FED rate cuts are expected, elsewhere mixed market sentiments Market Overview: Q1 ends with robust stock gains. Mixed US sentiment; China's tech plans impact stocks. Bitcoin surges; Fed rate cuts expected Global Economic Overview As the...

Stocks in Japan up after 17 year rate unfreezing

Dips in US chip prices, crypto on the retreat US stocks market dips on chip weakness. Nvidia down 3.0%. Dow up 0.11%, S&P down 0.23%, Nasdaq down 0.71%. Fed policy awaited US Stocks Market Trends In the...

Rate of US economy clinching 3 percent, BTC up again

New Zealand rate remains at 5.5%, Asia markets mixed Rate of US economy set for 3%+ growth in Q1 2024. Global markets dip, NZ adopts dovish stance, Asian markets mixed, Crypto still going up United States...