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Tech leader Nvidia to spark earnings interest, Amazon in DJ30

Walmart shows positive outlook compared to Home Depot Tech volatility sparked by Nvidia's earnings. Walmart rises, Home Depot falls. Amazon, Uber join Dow Jones. Global markets, commodities watched. Tech Volatility The tech sector experienced volatility as Nvidia,...

Economic results from FED cuts are uncertain, Tech is mixed

Tech Giants Report Mixed Earnings, China's Economic Woes Continue Tech earnings economic mix: Microsoft beats, Alphabet disappoints, China struggles. Nikkei rises, Fed eyes rate cuts, global contrasts persist Microsoft Beats Estimates, Alphabet Disappoints, Samsung Remains Cautious The...

US Market undecided after JOLTS, Tech brings the earnings

Chinese economy may be showing some weakness US stock market mixed, China struggles, tech giants' earnings, bonds, Bitcoin trends, corporate updates, upcoming global events U.S. Stock Market The U.S. stock market displayed a lack of direction as...